About Panama Outdoors and tours

Our company has more than 18 years of experience in providing tourist services, teamwork seminars, Occupational Health and Safety consulting and certified training. We have professionals in different branches such as: medicine, biology, engineering, higher education, S.S.O., medical emergencies, rescuers, design, event organization, among others. We offer commerce, industry, the state and individuals, quality services, adapting them to their requirements and needs.


Provide efficient, practical and affordable solutions and services to our private and corporate clients. Working supported by a team of qualified and competent professionals in the services we offer. Using the best equipment, techniques and providing safety at work.


To become a leading company in the markets of tourist services, teamwork workshop, job training and occupational safety, nationally and internationally, through a management model with innovative capacity, adaptability, solid service, professionalism, responsibility, seriousness and human warmth, oriented towards our clients, our collaborators and the country.

Panama Outdoors and tourism:

Panama a small territory, where cultures, history, traditions and human ingenuity are mixed, for the enjoyment of visitors, who through its cities, fields, jungles, rivers, mountains, islands, coasts and seas, decide to seek enjoyment of history, traditions, nature and adventure.

We can enjoy places like the Panama Canal, the Chagres River, the Bayano, Gatún or Alajuela lakes, Coiba Island or the San Blas Islands, among other places that justify visiting this small country only because of their beauty. However, in this small territory we also have activities for the more adventurous and those who like adrenaline and an active life.

Panama Outdoors offers river tubing tours, wet rappel in waterfalls, walks through the jungle, exploring caves, navigating beautiful rivers in kayak, rowing in historical places such as the Chagres River, fishing trips to lakes or coasts, learning about indigenous cultures or transiting along paths from the colonial era, visiting old fortifications.

Panama Outdoors works with small businessmen, such as carriers, guides, indigenous communities, boat owners, restaurants, farmers, farm owners and other people who collaborate with us in the different destinations we visit. If you have been to Panama and have not had the opportunity to enjoy its nature, take a day to discover the wild Panama, you will not regret it.

If you are visiting Panama for the first time, don’t forget to include in your itinerary a little adventure through the jungle, a river or the Panamanian coasts, that will be the spicy touch in your stories.  And if you are Panamanian, find the time to get to know and enjoy the natural wonders that our beautiful country has and show them to your family and friends.