Chagres river tubing and Embera village.

Include: Guides, white water rafting equipment, boat, lunch and tropical fruits, Embera community, ANAM, and transfer from Panama City

Chagres River tubing

Our activity consists of a tour by rubber raft descending the rapids of the Chagres River, a moderate adventure for you to know and enjoy the beauty of our tropical jungle, with impressive fauna where the Alto Chagres spills its waters on our historic Panamanian territory.  This adventure allows you to meet and enjoy the company of the Embera Indians, hospitable and laborious workers that inhabit this region.

The tour begins at 7 am as our transport vehicle carries our participants from the starting point towards the Alto Chagres (the mid point of the Isthmus in the eastern section of the Panama Canal).

Our transportation arrives at the port of El Corotu on the shores of the Alajuela Lake.  At this point with the assistance of our friends, the Embera Indians, you are transferred to Piraguas (strong and safe canoes made from the hollowing of a tree trunk), by which the Indians will take you upriver to a point called Mataperro, about 9 kilometers from the port of El Corotu.  This trip will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Upon arrival at Mataperro we prepare for our descent in air-filled rubber rafts, going downhill through the rapids, and feeling the adrenaline rush through our veins, just as the waters of the river rushes in the rapids.  The entire trip takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on the group and as they get into calm waters there is the feeling of real accomplishment of adventure and contentment.

Finally we arrive at the dwellings of our friends, the Embera Indians who offer us a warm welcome in their traditional style inviting us to share a rich plate of fish and fried patacones (plaintain).  We change our clothes and have a short rest before going back to Panama City.

We recommend: to wear comfortable clothing, that cover the must possible your body.  Wear shoes for hiking or sport shoes with good traction that cover all your foot.  Bring clothing for change at the end of the tour, repellent, hat and sun block.  For kayak or river tubing it is possible to wear short pants and tennis shoes.

If you are out side of Panamá and want to book, please pay 30 days or more, before the tour.

If you are a resident or you are here in Panamá, please pay your tour a week or more, before your tour.

If you tray to book with less time indicate here, we will try to serve you, but we can not guaranty the service.

Some ones of the tours need to have good weather to do the activities. The passenger most to be prepare to get wet for the rain or dirty for the activity.  We recommend to charge a light raincoat.