2 days at Coiba Island, Panama.

Coiba Island National Marine Park

Ideal activity for the whole family. Best if they are over 10 years.

Book 30 days in advance or more if possible, quotas are separated by the payment of 50% and must be paid in full one week before the tour.

Pack of 2 days and 1 night: Ask the price by email

This package is private, with transportation from Santiago to the port  Mutis and Mutis to Coiba Island. Just return.


  • 2 day tour.
  • Land Transport (exit port of Santiago)
  • Transfer to Coiba island and tours on the island to the beaches and attractions are all by boat. (Certified Boats by AMP)
  • Food (lunch and dinner day 1, breakfast and lunch day 2) and hydration (water, juice, soda). Does not include liquor.
  • You can bring alcohol, but sparingly, restricted by the weight in the boat.
  • National Park entrance fee per person
  • Overnight Cabins – ANAM, twin beds (new, with pillows and all linings and sheets, showers and toilets internal electricity in the room at night. Power provided by our own power generator, including fuel.
  • Private guide for the group, which provides information and accompanies all trips, including snorkeling.
    Personalized attention, our captain, ocean, guide and cook!


  • ANAM Station
  • Beach Station
  • Visit the Crocodile Tito (a wild animal is not tied, so there is no guarantee your presence at the scene)
  • Cerro Mirador Trail Gambute (Conditions apply)
  • Path of the Apes
  • Islet Granite Gold
  • Island and beach Coibita Rancheria
  • Coiba ExPenal foodservice and Naval Air Station
  • The Trail Hot Springs (if the tide allows the arrival of the boat)
  • Journey along the coast of the island to Ladies Bay, boat