Kayak tour in Chagres river, Panamá.

Include: Guide, kayaks, trip in dogout boat in Chagres River,  visit to a waterfall, trip in kayak for Chagres River, visit to an Embera Village, lunch and transfer from Panamá City.

The  Chagres River is an important icon of the Panamá History, is the stage for an spectacular trip to the adventure and the on knowledge.

Kayak rio Chagres

kayaking Chagres

At colonial time this great river was rout of transit between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean or (South Sea).  For his clear water pass Spaniard colons, slaves from Africa, trader, pirate, corsair, seeking of Gold and fortune, moving from one point to other, incredible treasures; a lot of this man and women never arrive to destiny.  His histories was lost in those waters, surrounded for jungles, that with the time and the work of the human bean was transform in one of the wonderful of the modern world, when this river was dammed to create the Gatun lake and the Panamá Canal.

Panama Outdoors invite to you to take a trip of kayaking for this wonderful river, appreciating the beauty of the nature.  We will enjoy of the historic comments of our guide, who will tell us the important events in the pass centuries in Panamá.  Time during the Chagres River was an important part of the commercial development between the oceans.

The trip will begin at 7am when our transport will pass for you at the hotel.  We will travel about 2 hours until Corotu pier in Alajuela Lake.  In this point we will take the dugout boat that will transport until a wonderful waterfall, place where we can take a fresh bath in his waters.

After the waterfall, we will return to Chagres River and will take the kayak for paddle down river until the Embera Village.  In the village we will take the lunch and the Emberas will offer a demonstration of his culture, history, music and crafts.

Finally, we will continue our trip until return at the pier when we begin and where is the transport.

All trip will take about 5 to 7 hours.

To wear comfortable clothing, that cover the must possible your body.  Wear shoes for hiking or sport shoes with good traction that cover all your foot.  Bring clothing for change at the end of the tour, repellent, hat and sun block.  For kayak or river tubing it is possible to wear short pants and tennis shoes.

If you are out side of Panamá and want to book, please pay 30 days or more, before the tour.

If you are a resident or you are here in Panamá, please pay your tour a week or more, before your tour.

If you tray to book with less time indicate here, we will try to serve you, but we can not guaranty the service.

Some ones of the tours need to have good weather to do the activities. The passenger most to be prepare to get wet for the rain or dirty for the activity.  We recommend to charge a light raincoat.